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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Finn's blessing

 This cute little guy was blessed this last Sunday. What a wonderful time it was. Family is the biggest treasure here on earth, and as it grows , so does our treasure. 
Finn Christian Mayer. 
Cute name for a cute little fellow.

A weekend of Celebration with a BIG C !

In the Graduation Arena at the University at Texas Tech, the Norwegian flag was present on May 18th 2013
It was among others for my two sons who were graduating that day. Thomas graduated as a Mechanical Engineer, Christian as a Lawyer. It was a big day for us, Very long, But very Grand. My heart is full. I am so proud of these two boys and what they have accomplished. They are amazing guys and I am so proud to be their mother!

Thomas was  first.

 A Long wait !

 So worth it !!!

 Here are the academic clowns :)

We took the pictures of everyone between their graduations, while they were both dressed. Christians graduation wasn't over until almost 9pm. So happy we did it before! 

       The proud parents :)

 A very happy couple ! With a job lined up in Arendal, Norway. Leaving in the middle of June.

 Christians turn !

 An equally long wait !

 For the perfect shot when he got hooded, I stayed behind , while everyone went to lunch. I was there 1 1/2 hour early , guarding the great seats with the perfect view for the perfect shot. I practiced on Christians friend. Great picture. As Christian came, the moment was too big. I lost myself in the moment, screamed and rooted with the rest, and missed the shot !!!!I got this shot, after it was done. I was so mad at myself. But some times you have to just live the moment. I guess this was one of them. 

And in two weeks this sweet girl will graduate High School. June 8th. She will be missed very much when she leaves for College Station, TX in the fall. We took a shot for her graduation card. She is a beautiful girl with a very sweet heart. We are so proud of her and all the things she has accomplished so far.

Our life is busy and our hearts are full.

Our Baby Finn is here !
Born March 6th. 
He is the cutest baby. so calm and sweet. What a great treasure to have him come into our family.
Just look at this cute face.

 A sweet little angel
My heart is bursting with joy !

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bearkadette Winterball

                                                    Random Pictures from 
                                    The Bearkadette ball. 
                                      Such a cute couple.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hurray For Hollywood Dance

The homecoming dance is definitely their most amazing dance. It is a kick dance and they practice very hard to get it this good. Lots and lots of kick practices. It is truly amazing when 50 girls are standing in one row, doing the kicks perfectly. I just love this dance. We have people who come to the football game just to see this dance.

En av fotball kampene er hva en kaller " Homecoming"  Denne dagen er dagen da jentene danser "Hurray for Hollywood"  dansen, en fantastisk dans som er kjent i omraadet. Det er en Can Can lignende dans med mange spark som krever stor noeyaktjghet .Det er mektig imponerende naar 50 jenter ender opp paa en rekke og sparker med stor noeyaktighet. De faar staaende applaus hvert aar.

 Det er ogsaa dagen hvor det blir kaaret  homecoming konge  og homecoming dronning. I aar var det en av Bearkadettene som ble dronning og det var naturlig stor stas.